In all my cynical honestly, I bought these items to help promote the online shop and my design work, I wanted the tees to look great because I think wearing your design is the best way to sell yourself. I’m in the position now (with the disappointing quality of the clothing) where I bought some blank tshirts and will have the designs printed myself by Fergusons Fashions. That’s the exact inconvenience I wanted to avoid.

I don’t want this to be too discouraging to anyone thinking of buying or selling on Redbubble. The customer service is excellent and there are some great artists and designs to choose from (not just
ality Check) and while the prices are steep, Redbubble is a fair bit cheaper than some other custom design sites.

'I Love You' spiral notebooks would make great gifts

    Second, tote bag. The tote was ordered and arrived the same day as the clothes. It’s a smaller size tote for my sister. Given the price I was a bit disappointed by how small it seemed, but my sister didn’t mind. There’s not much I can say about because it’s hers, but the design looked really good on it. I would just caution that it is a rather small wee bag for the cost, but it looked good and is lined inside so it seems pretty sturdy.

​I also ordered mugs and a notebook, they took the longest time to arrive but all came packed together. The mugs seem pretty good, well packed and secure; no damage. The label says washing machine safe, but I haven’t tested that out yet.  I bought both of them as gifts and I’m pretty happy with how the different designs came out. I just hope the people I bought them for like them as well.

Redbubble Blog 18 April 2016

I recently ordered a bunch of Rmy own designs from Redbubble, and here’s a wee review. I wouldn’t promote these items if I weren’t willing to buy some myself.

First, shirts. I was very excited about the clothing options on Redbubble, and clothing was the reason I joined the site in the first place. I still live at home and can’t buy bulk tshirts, print, package and deliver them from home! The efficiency of having Redbubble do all the legwork was brilliant. My IMpossible design looked great on the site and I made my order; one unisex tshirt, one ¾ length baseball tee. The items are made to order, so dispatch and delivery can take some time, but the clothing arrived fairly quickly. 

That’s where the positives end unfortunately. I’m a bit of a tshirt connoisseur and have numerous geeky, nerdy tshirt designs that I’m quite proud of. I’m not just picky about designs, I’m picky about the fabric. I like thick cotton shirts and I’m really weird about hating wide necks on a tshirt (something my Mum bred into me). My IMpossible tee arrives and the neck is uncomfortably wide and the fabric is very thin. The design looks a bit pale, and I doubt it would survive the wash. The baseball tee (which I was most excited about) is so thin, it’s practically sheer. The neck is not as bad but the fabric is see-through and again the design doesn’t look like it would survive a wash. Because the items are made to order you can’t return them, but I sent an email to Redbubble with the images and they’ve promised me a refund.

​It could be that I’m just really pinickity with clothes and feel uncomfortable with wide necks and thin fabric, but I have to give my honest assessment. 

It could be that I’m just really pinickity with clothes and feel uncomfortable with wide necks and thin fabric, but I have to give you my honest assessment. It could be that I’m just really pinickity with clothes and feel uncomfortable with wide necks and thin fabric, but I have to give you my honest assessment. 

The 'IMpossible' and 'You Complete Me' design on mugs look great

​The notebook seemed a bit thinner than I thought it would be. The product description says 200 pages, but it just doesn’t feel like a 200 page pad (maybe because it’s a small A5 size) but I am very happy with how the design turned out. 

​The 'I LOVE YOU' notebook was bought separately as a gift for my Mum, and she absolutely loves it (thankfully)!

It might be a bit pricey for such a small item, but they make a great gift, and there's a discount if you buy in bulk. I may be biased because I’m constantly surrounded by bits of paper and frantically trying to find pens and take notes, but I think the spiral notepad is nice wee item, and with a good design would make a lovely gift idea. 

A bit disappointed by the shirts

Mug full of mini eggs for Easter