Love Without Borders 22 Aug 2015

Reality Check Media  would like to extend a massive thank you to the Foyle Gay Pride Festival  for exhibiting some prints of ours! This was a big first for Reality Check, we're more used to showcasing films than photography, but we were so ecstatic and grateful for the response our work got at Love Without Borders.

​We were especially flattered that our City of Colour canvas (above) was chosen as the first print that welcomes you in the exhibition space.

​Gallery Gallery: The exhibit includes prints, photography, paintings and sculptures.

If you're in Derry/Londonderry for the Foyle Pride Festival you can see all the great art at the Pilots Row community centre. The centre is open weekdays until 10pm and the exhibit will be available for viewing throughout Pride (closing Sept 4th)

We have three great canvas pieces at the exhibit including City of Colour (above) Touch the Rainbow (left, above) and Bursting With Colour (left, below)
You can view the images in our