MAKE US PROUD is a short documentary exploring the significance of the annual Foyle Pride parade which route follows the path of the 1968/9 civil right marches through Derry. The film includes a rare interview with Stonewall co-founder Sir Ian McKellen.

THE MURAL OF THE STORY is a series of short films in which the Bogside Artists tell the stories that inspired their iconic artwork in Derry/Londonderry's Bogside. The first film explores the famous Bernadette Devlin mural and the important role of women during the Civil Rights era.

This is a brief gallery of photographs promoting the 'colourful' Foyle Pride parade in Derry/Londonderry.​


OFF THE WALL: RESTORING THE PEOPLES GALLERY tells the story of the world renowned Bogside Artists as they struggle to fund the refurbishment of their iconic Bogside murals in Derry, at the same time the city is preparing to celebrate its title as UK City of Culture.


HALLOWEEN TOWN Derry/Londonderry boasts the best Halloween carnival in the world. See how huge Halloween is in the city today, the work that is put into organize not just a night of fun but a week of festivities. The film cuts back and forth between the present day and Halloween past. Hear from the pub owners who held fancy dress parties during the height of the Troubles. Discover how the world renowned night of light and laughter grew from the darkest days of the cities history.